Product Upgrade: First & Second Generation M Lamps

Juniper’s first product, the M Lamp, still thrives as an iconic fixture until this day. It was designed by David Irwin, inspired by 19th-century miners’ headlamps. We intended to provide a multi-purpose lighting solution that upholds our goal of manufacturing modern fixtures. Discover the cordless M Lamp’s upgrade by our Product Development team.


First Generation

The first M Lamp design was a straightforward lighting solution with conservative features. It was released with a lamp head that moved vertically, allowing users to only turn it up and down. The portable lamp was initially operated by a touch power button with a heat sensor. While this was an impressive technical feature, it drove confusion to some users. We wanted to make our lamp more user-friendly, thus, the birth of the second generation M Lamp.

Matte Black Modern M Lamp

First Generation M Lamp in Matte Black


Second Generation M Lamp in Matte Black

Second Generation M Lamp

The newly improved M Lamp now showcases a 360° rotating lamp head that extends its multi-purpose lighting capabilities and allows users to freely direct its light output. We also improved its touch button into a gratifying push power button to indicate a clearer on-dim-off adjustability control. The M Lamp’s sturdy aluminum body and slim lantern handle still remain. With its rechargeable lithium iron phosphate battery, users can still take the portable lamp as an on-the-go lighting solution.

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