People Shop’s Cyber Week Deal: THIN Floor Lamp


People Shop, an extension of, updates their readers with their top picks of modern products revolving around fashion, beauty, furnishings, and other trends. Learn about our free-standing lamp, the THIN Floor Lamp, which was named among People Shop’s Cyber Week Deals.


About The THIN Floor Lamp

Designed by Peter Bristol for Juniper, the THIN Floor Lamp embodies our signature reductive design. Securing its slender linear body is a cast iron base where a ball joint is fastened. This functional feature helps the floor lamp pivot, making the fixture an adjustable lighting solution.


Adding to the THIN Floor Lamp’s flexible profile, an articulating hinge connects the lamp’s arm and body. This acts as an elbow to smoothly contract and extend the lamp at a certain range needed for a relaxed lighting experience. Completely dimmable, the THIN Floor Lamp operates with a built-in dimmer knob that acts both as a light switch and dimmer to comfortably adjust lighting.

Using the Free-Standing Lamp

As recommended by People Shop, place the THIN Floor Lamp in bedrooms, living spaces, and workspaces for a modern aesthetic. Use it for tasks that require more concentrated lighting or set the mood by dimming it down.


Finding More Contemporary Light Fixtures

Specializing in minimal lighting designs, Juniper manufactures modern light fixtures to provide LED solutions to all spans of residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces. We assemble and wire all of our fixtures by hand in our New York lighting design studio to maintain high-quality standards. Reach out to our sales team to explore more contemporary lighting solutions that suit your space.

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