Italian Restaurant Misi Further Elevated with Custom Linear Wall Sconces

Dine with a view at Misi, a new Italian restaurant just across the picturesque Williamsburg Bridge and Domino Park. Owned and operated by award-winning Chef Missy Robbins (said to be Obama’s favorite chef), Misi serves sumptuous handmade pasta dishes that elevate home-cooked meals, featured in New York Insider. We mirrored the restaurant’s handmade ethos by designing and manufacturing linear wall sconces just for them.

Misi’s marvelous 4,000 square foot space was designed by Asfour Guzy Architects. Their team elaborately structured the restaurant’s interior to spotlight the pasta-making room by creating an open kitchen layout. Divided by glass doors, this concept encourages guests to indulge in the gastronomic experience even before their dish arrives at the table.


The restaurant itself features neutral tones of grey, black, and white for a clean and modern aesthetic. These tones are warmed up by light wood tones, off-white tiling behind the main bar, and warm lighting. Simple lines and design elements repeated into clear glassware and white place settings create an open and clutter-free space to keep the ethos of the restaurant food-focused.


Food Photography by Misi

Juniper’s Custom Linear Wall Sconces for Misi

Our products’ designs revolve around simplicity in luxury. We reduce any elements that our products can do without to innovate a minimal and impressive lighting solution. We were inspired by our signature THIN Surface Mount, a sought-after design for its luxurious aesthetics, as seen in The Wing Dumbo Coworking Space.


We worked with 1/2-inch brass segments in Black Oxide to craft a custom lighting solution. Using a single mounting point, the custom linear wall sconces gracefully illuminate warm LED to initiate an elegant and intimate setting. Misi, as a pristine restaurant that promises handmade quality ingredients, found ease in Juniper’s value of creating each fixture by hand.

Custom Linear Wall Sconces Misi Restaurant Lighting

Custom Linear Wall Sconces in Matte Black

Misi Brooklyn Restaurant Modern Linear Lighting

Finding Custom Modern Fixtures

Juniper is a lighting manufacturer in New York that manufactures high-quality fixtures to embellish residential, hospitality, and commercial spaces. We also customize lighting solutions for wide-ranging projects that would require multiple orders for a single design. Please feel free to inquire with our sales team to check if we are able to accommodate your request. Otherwise, we would be happy to send lighting solution alternatives your way to help you complete your project.

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