DeKauri Bespoke Bathroom Vanity Wins German Design Award 2018

German Design Award is an honored awards lineup for outstanding projects with features that have the potential to contribute to the German and international design community. We are thrilled that the DeKauri bespoke bathroom vanity, a collaboration among renowned designers, bagged the Excellent Product Design (Bath & Wellness) Award this year.

The respected Jury of the German Design Award stated about the winning piece:

An exclusive and extravagant piece of furniture that conceals the washbasin behind high-quality cabinet doors. A cabinet realized with consummate craftsmanship that achieves its intended effect – plus, the wood used in it creates a warm atmosphere.

About the Bespoke Bathroom Vanity

Designed by Daniel Germani, the Geman Design Award winner, the DeKauri, was a brainchild of leading international design brands such as Riva 1920, Cosentino, Fantini Rubinetti, and yours truly, Juniper. We collaborated to bring the bespoke bathroom vanity to life to create a freestanding storage solution.


Using 50,000-year-old Kauri wood, Riva 1920 remodeled this into a contemporary bathroom vanity credenza. Completing the unit is Cosentino’s elegant ceramic washbasin. Meanwhile, Fantini Rubinetti embellished the basin using a solid brass faucet. Finally, we contributed our THIN Surface Mount Vanity Lights, operated by our Ground Control Toggle Switch.

The Dekauri Bathroom Vanity with sink

Designer of the German Design Award Winner, the DeKauri, Daniel Germani

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