Interior Design Highlights Juniper’s West Coast Sales Representative


As Juniper continues to grow as a team, we are thrilled to welcome all the new faces who joined us this 2018. One of them being our West Coast Sales Representative, Danielle Greenstein, who was featured in Interior Design‘s list of design industry professionals. Other professionals mentioned are from KnollHGA/Wilson Architects, and Museum of Arts and Design.


Before Joining Juniper

Earning her BFA in Interior Design from Pratt Institute, Danielle has successfully completed projects in line with the school’s national accreditation. She honed her skills as Junior Interior Designer and Project Manager in high-end residential firms in New York, which prepared her to work independently on projects. As a result, Danielle founded Midtown Studios LLC where she fulfilled her dream as Principal Designer.


We asked Danielle why she joined our growing team as our West Coast Sales Representative after founding Midtown Studios LLC:

“After running Midtown Studios solo for 7 years, it was time for a new adventure out west. I found a wonderful opportunity to live in a place where I always dreamt of living and a chance to try another side of the design industry. Juniper’s commitment to innovating and reinforcing modern aesthetics really inspired me. Our light fixtures are proudly installed in large-scale projects worldwide, and that in itself, is amazing to be part of the Juniper team!”

Juniper in the Western Region

Now joining Juniper as our West Coast Sales Representative, one of Danielle’s biggest responsibilities is bringing her 12 years of experience into California’s Architecture & Design Community, primarily in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Orange County. To schedule a meeting with Danielle, or for further assistance, reach out during standard California business hours (9AM – 5PM PT).

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