Darc Magazine Features Our 5 Latest Lighting Designs


darc, an international design publication that covers luxury projects and products, recognized our new releases this December in their online news section. Explore our latest fixtures below to learn more about each design.


Axis X Vertical Suspension

Forming a symmetrical plus sign or cross, the Axis X Vertical Suspension exudes magnificent light output from four perpendicular angles. This bronze fixture suspends from a single mounting point to hold a linear silhouette.


THIN Primaries Octagon

Our THIN Primaries Collection has expanded with an 8-sided geometric shape. The THIN Primaries Octagon stands as our largest pendant that can form an impressive installation when you stack or cluster multiple fixtures.


THIN Multiples Vertical Suspension

Another growing collection is the THIN Multiples Collection. We introduced a new orientation and released the THIN Multiples Vertical Suspension to magnify a linear profile that hangs from a single aircraft cable.


Rail Outdoor Lighting System

Inspired by our THIN Modular Lighting System, the Rail exemplifies a minimal 1/2-inch diameter segment. This water-resistant fixture can be magnetically connected to create longer runs. The Rail can also be independently rotated 320°.


THIN Vertical Suspension

Defined by a single line, the THIN Vertical Suspension can be installed as a single segment. The half-inch segment can also be clustered to create a cascade of warm illumination.

More About Juniper’s Lighting Solutions

A lighting manufacturer in New York, Juniper offers handmade fixtures as LED lighting solutions for residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces. Our designs are acknowledged for their ultra-slim profile, luxurious forms, and efficient light output. Please get in touch with our sales team for questions or for more lighting recommendations catered to your contemporary space.

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