Pacific Union HQ Installed with Modular LED THIN Suspensions

Pacific Union in Northern California is committed to helping individuals find their dream space since 1975. Specializing in buying and selling luxury residential and commercial spaces, their headquarters also reflect their ethos. BK Interior Design spearheaded the project while Juniper was selected to install our signature THIN lighting design in the Pacific Union HQ.


Pacific Union’s headquarters is wrapped in clean white walls and accentuated by dark wall panels. Their employees’ workstations are divided into office cubicles to give them their own privacy. However, because communication is still key in any business, Pacific Union has a central long table where colleagues can catch up in between the hustle. Framing their minimal company logo are two herringbone barn doors that add a rustic appeal to the modern workspace.


Two Connected THIN Suspensions in Black Oxide


About the THIN Suspension Linear Lighting System

Our THIN Suspensions are installed throughout the headquarters to further elevate the minimal workplace. This chosen fixture is widely known for its 1/2-inch segment that can be interconnected magnetically to generate endless lengths. Pacific Union displays an array of two connected THIN Suspensions in Black Oxide brass finish, which also boast dimming capabilities.


Because Juniper invented the THIN Suspension to be fully customized—from its color temperature, lens finish, segment length, to its mounting option—the design team of this project was able to fully maximize the space’s lighting plan. Another feature that makes the THIN Suspension appropriate for productive spaces is its ability to fully rotate so users can freely reposition direct and indirect lighting.


Photos by Airyka Rockefeller


Finding More LED Lighting Solutions

As a lighting manufacturer, Juniper produces lighting designs that impact people’s lives through form and function. We manufacture contemporary fixtures by hand in our New York lighting design studio to sustain excellent product quality. Please contact our sales team directly for questions or for more LED lighting recommendations thoughtfully tailored to your residential, commercial, or hospitality space.

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