Surface Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide Lists Ground Control Dimmers


Focusing on architecture and the design industry, Surface is a renowned publication that brings the latest entertaining and informational news to its readers. Juniper is a member of The List, with other prestigious designers that Surface approves of. In their Holiday 2018 Gift Guide, their editors covered futuristic products for the tech-obsessed and recommended our Ground Control Dimmers:


Who says hardware can’t make a sexy gift? These dimmers from Juniper, in particular, can help set a mood. Now that’s a gift that keeps giving.


The Inspiration

Embodying vintage aesthetics, the Ground Control Dimmer is derived from a series of brass power accessories. It was inspired by NASA’s mission control desks consisting of switches, knobs, and buttons. Our Ground Control Collection further expands into a toggle switch, power outlet, and double USB port.

About the Ground Control Dimmers

The Ground Control Dimmer extends in two styles—a knob wrapped in knurled texture and a dial with a broad circular plate atop a slender neck. Both these designs hold a satisfying weight as you rotate to dim or power up your fixture. They also bear a click-stop feature to guarantee a fully turned off light.


Encased in a solid brass grommet, the Ground Control Dimmers can be installed to desks, panels, and other furniture. Available in Satin Brass, Satin Nickel, and Black Oxide, the Ground Control Dimmer can be paired with select Juniper products in the same metal finish. Install it alongside other surface-mounted Ground Control power accessories for a luxurious modern workstation.

Juniper Lighting Ground Control Dimmer Dial in Black Oxide

Ground Control Dimmer Dial in Black Oxide

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