Design Mate Names M Lamp as a Must-have Portable Light


Design Mate, a Russian online platform, publishes relevant news on design, reviews, stories, and products. One of their goals is to bring modern innovations introduced by designers to their audience. Design Mate’s team featured our M Lamp, dubbing the cordless fixture as a portable lighting solution that will get one through the 21st century’s rapid lifestyle.


The M Lamp’s Design

Designed by David Irwin for Juniper, the M Lamp was influenced by miners’ headlamps from the 19th century. Although this design transpired from the past, the portable lamp exhibits modern aesthetics. It is a multi-purpose light fixture with an aluminum body, held by a minimal lantern handle.


The M Lamp features a rotatable 360° lamp head to direct light output. With an on-dim-off push button atop its body, users are able to control lighting with a single click. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium iron battery that lasts up to 70 hours for on-the-go use.

More Modern Portable Lighting Solutions

As a lighting manufacturer that focuses on meaningful lighting designs, Juniper offers contemporary portable light fixtures such as the M Lamp and the THIN Task Lamp. Get in touch with our sales team to discover more about convenient lighting solutions for all residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces.

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