Holiday Gift Guide by Designboom: M Lamp


A pioneer in releasing daily design news online, Designboom enumerated their favorite products as part of their Holiday Gift Guide. They featured designer pieces hailing from Industry City, Brooklyn’s new design district, such as mid-century modern ceramics, rock candles, and portable lighting.


First on Designboom’s Holiday Gift Guide is our M Lamp, designed by David Irwin. This cordless lamp marked a fruitful beginning for Juniper, a product that has since translated into a classic light fixture merged with a modern aesthetic. It has introduced us to the intricate world of design that equipped us to become the lighting manufacturer that we are today, which Designboom narrates as:


“Industry city-based Juniper was one of the original pioneers of the burgeoning brooklyn contemporary lighting scene. Today, Juniper is a fully-integrated design and manufacturing studio, which prides itself on honesty, passion, and craftsmanship.”

M Lamp Features

The M Lamp is a straightforward lighting solution that brings meaningful intentions in improving people’s lives. Mobilized with a fully rotating head when repositioned, this table lamp exudes adjustable illumination. It is engineered with a push power button, which also functions as a dimmer to modify lighting intensity.


Carrying the M Lamp is a slender lantern handle situated atop its aluminum body. Powered by a rechargeable lithium iron battery, the portable lamp lasts up to 70 hours to enjoy its LED benefits anywhere you go. Place it on a table as a multifunctional decorative piece or take it with you as a dynamic lighting solution.

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