Hospitality Design Introduces THIN Multiples Collection


For 37 years, Hospitality Design has been continuously delivering trade professionals design news and trends, such as new lighting products. In a recent online feature, they traced our THIN Multiples Vertical Suspension‘s collection and linear design.


The Collection

Minimal and elegant, the THIN Multiples Vertical Suspension is an extension of the THIN Multiples Collection that encapsulates our Dyad, Triad, and Tetrad light fixtures.


The Designer

The large collection of THIN configurations, including the THIN Multiples Collection, were designed by Peter Bristol for Juniper. He marked the beginning of the THIN Modular Lighting System that has since been extending due to its simplistic elegance and endless possibilities.


The Designs

Exuding an upright illumination, the THIN Multiples Vertical Suspension carries the THIN Multiples Triad and Tetrad’s 3 and 4 light segments respectively. Both of these fixtures are machined in solid brass, giving users luxurious metal finish options, namely Satin Brass, Satin Nickel, and Black Oxide.

Installing the THIN Multiples Vertical Suspension

Both of these modern lighting designs can suspend from the ceiling using a single aircraft cable. We recommend installing a cluster and adjusting each configuration’s drop height to create a linear chandelier.


More Vertically Suspended Light Fixtures

Juniper, a manufacturer of contemporary light fixtures in New York, offers diverse lighting solutions for residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces across the world. We debuted our forefront designs of vertical orientations such as the THIN Vertical Suspension, THIN Multiples Vertical Suspension, and the Axis X Vertical Suspension to introduce more modern sources of LED lamping. Reach out to our sales team for questions or for more lighting recommendations.

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