3 Modern Outdoor Places to Install the Rail

When you picture a modern outdoor space, you imagine a swimming pool, fire pit, or outdoor cooking area. However, there are more exteriors that can be adorned with components such as lighting. Explore where you can install our newly-debuted outdoor system, the Rail.

1. Contemporary Courtyard Lighting

A courtyard has become a common outdoor space to meet and gather for its open ground structure. Usually nestled in between towering walls, courtyards can lose its charm when it starts to darken outside. A trick to maintain a courtyard’s inviting atmosphere is to add outdoor lighting. We recommend the Rail that depicts minimal design with its 1/2-inch diameter square body.

modern courtyard lighting

The Rail Outdoor System in Black


2. Retail Storefront Lighting

Retail storefront lighting creates an impression that entices potential customers to stop by. However, the wrong color temperature can drive away customers as these can affect a customer’s mood. The Rail is a lighting solution that offers various color temperature options to cater to all types of outdoor spaces. With an aluminum segment that rotates 320°, users can easily adjust lighting in storefronts that illuminate a store’s name, logo, and architectural elements.

modern retail storefront lighting
storefront window display lighting

The Rail in Satin Aluminum

rail outdoor lighting aluminum finish

3. Modern Patio Lighting

Patios are desired for their versatility to translate into a recreational outdoor space while adding a value of comfort to any home. Most residential spaces with decks have pools, making it a space that requires precaution. To achieve a sure-footed space, opt for the Rail with powerful lumens of up to 1,417LM. Users can also magnetically connect multiple segments together to supply proper lighting for larger terraces.

outdoor pool rail lighting system
juniper first outdoor fixture rail
rail outdoor lighting system detail

Where to Find the Modular Rail Outdoor Fixture

Juniper is a lighting manufacturer in New York that designs and assembles suspended, wall-mountedwall-to-wall, and stand-alone fixtures for residential, hospitality, and commercial spaces. We recently added our first lighting solution for outdoor spaces—the Rail. Please get in touch with our sales team for international orders or questions.

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