LD+A Magazine Covers Modern Restaurant Lighting With THIN Multiples Dyad

LD+A Magazine, a publication by Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), released their December 2018 issue featuring Mordecai Chicago‘s restaurant and bar lighting. Honored to take part in an esteemed hospitality project, Juniper’s light fixtures embellish the bi-level cocktail bar.


Samantha Schwirck, LD+A Magazine’s Senior Associate Editor, recounts how our configurations elaborate Mordecai’s interior:


“Minimal, geometrically shaped light fixtures from Juniper’s THIN collection illuminate the bar and photographs on the walls. The series includes slender LED arrays that can be connected by magnetic fittings to create simplistic, elegant configurations, emphasizing items on display, such as the art and liquor shelves inside Mordecai.”


Juniper Lighting THIN Multiples Dyad Light Fixture in Mordecai Bar Chicago

The THIN Multiples Dyad, in Horizontal Configuration, with 3 Connected Sections in Satin Brass

Elevated with high-end design, Mordecai Chicago is fully adorned in minimal lighting, boasting luxury through reductive design. A series of our THIN Multiples Dyad highlights their collection of rare vintage spirits. Due to the fixture’s 1/2-inch segments, it avoids obstruction and allows guests to focus more on Mordecai’s wide selection of liquor.


More than its ultra-slim profile, the THIN Multiples Dyad is manufactured in solid brass tubing and straps. Their lighting design team repeated THIN Multiples Dyads by connecting up to 3 segments that gracefully suspend above the wooden bartop. The installation is just as refined as the bar’s warm glow that reflects an intimate setting for guests.

More Minimal Juniper Light Fixtures at Mordecai Chicago

Named after Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown, the premium hospitality space celebrates baseball through a wall that displays black and white photography of the symbolic Cubs pitcher in his heyday. Installed atop the portraits is our THIN Surface Mount Picture Light, a modern art light in Black Oxide to seamlessly correspond to the frames’ color. The fixture’s linear segment fully rotates when repositioned, allowing users to freely adjust lighting direction.

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