Product Upgrade: THIN Primaries Cable Collar

We use the thinnest aircraft cables and power cords to unite our minimal designs, but we wanted to further refine our fixtures’ symmetry. Discover the simple yet effective innovation that our team developed for our THIN Primaries collection.


About the THIN Primaries

The THIN Primaries is a large collection of geometric fixtures such as the triangle, square, rectangle, rhombus, hexagon, and octagon. All of these shapes feature rotatable 1/2-inch diameter segments for lighting adjustability. Their solid brass tubings are interconnected using magnetic joints that allow users to create custom shapes.


Available in three metal finishes (Satin Brass, Satin Nickel, & Black Oxide), these geometric fixtures make a statement for their unexpected figure and fun silhouettes. Find these in lounges, conference rooms, over dining tables, or lobbies.

Product Upgrade

The THIN Primaries’ aircraft cables and power cords create a linear silhouette as they suspend straight from the ceiling to the fixtures’ joints. While it suggests a decorative element, our Product Development team thoughtfully invented brass cable collars to add to its luxurious profile. More importantly, this gives users the option to gather cables together for a new center-mounted aesthetic. The Cable Collar is available in the THIN Primaries’ matching finishes to be at par with its brass aesthetics.

THIN Primaries Triangle without Cable Collar
Juniper Lighting THIN Primaries Triangle Geometric Light Fixture with Cable Collar

The THIN Primaries Triangle with a Cable Collar in Satin Brass

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