Expanding Our Bronze Collection with the Axis X Vertical Suspension

At International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) 2018, we discretely introduced a lighting design that just earned its place as one of our newest bronze fixtures today. Originating from the Axis Collection that encompasses suspended and wall-mounted fixtures, the Axis X Vertical Suspension was born. Learn more about our newest design and discover its features.


Miren Lasnier, Designer of the Axis Collection

The Designer

The Axis Collection, a family of elegant bronze fixtures, was designed by Miren Lasnier. She is a Parisian jewelry designer who graduated from three design schools in France, enhancing her talent in the arts. Miren is also the founder of ïu, a jewelry brand in which she makes everything by hand to keep her creative muscles flexing.

Parisian Lighting Designer Miren Lasnier

The Inspiration

The Axis X Vertical Suspension was inspired by extruded angles, channels, and tees that proliferated in the Industrial Revolution. This resilient style was transposed into modern bronze fixtures that continue to uphold our contemporary design as a lighting manufacturer.


Cascading Axis X Vertical Suspensions in Black Walnut

The Axis X Vertical Suspension’s Features

Preserving the luxurious aesthetics of the Axis X, the Axis X Vertical Suspension stands with four powerful light arrays. Suspended from one mounting point, this configuration becomes a slender linear fixture that exudes luxury through simplicity. The bronze fixture can also echo a marvelous sculpture with its dimming capabilities. Create a more outstanding impression by clustering Axis X Vertical Suspensions.

Where to Find the Axis X Vertical Suspension

At Juniper, we proudly assemble all of our fixtures by hand in our New York lighting design studio. The Axis X Vertical Suspension is now available on our website for select locations. We can also wire our designs to conform to international wiring compatibilities. Please contact our sales team directly to place an order.

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