Lenox Apartment Lobby Embellished with THIN Primaries Triangle Installation

In the heart of Jersey City, New Jersey is a high-rise brownstone building that is home to many—Lenox. This luxury apartment comprises two 15-story towers developed by Fields Development Group. It offers a breathtaking 180° view of the famous New York skyline and the iconic Statue of Liberty. Explore Lenox’s boutique-style residential space below.

Lenox Luxury Apartment New Jersey

THIN Primaries Triangles Installation in Satin Brass. Photography by Alexander Severin

Designed by Marchetto Higgins Stieve Architects, their team transposed Lenox into a magnificent hotel-like residential space. Entering into the 24-hour staffed lobby is an impressive lounge adorned with contemporary pieces combined with wooden elements. Variations of calming blue hues are embedded throughout the space. The Lenox lobby also doubles as an entertaining social hub with a separate cafe, a 7,200-square-foot retail space, and a space for shuffleboard and pool table to entertain guests that come in.

Photography by Reena Rose Sibayan

The focal of the high-end lounge is illuminated by a cluster of 12 THIN Primaries Triangles in Satin Brass finish. It exudes an impressive radiance brought by its three minimal 1/2-inch diameter segments that rotate on-site to allow for an adjustable lighting experience. Connected by solid brass corner pieces, this fixture perfects an equilateral geometric shape that mimics a creative lighting solution.


The 255-unit building is also home to extravagant amenities such as a children’s playroom, fitness center, yoga room, in-room washer & dryer, sun deck, and more. Lenox is praised for its large open space layouts with tall ceilings reaching up to 11 in. The luxury apartment features studio, one-, two-, and three-bedrooms that follow modern aesthetics.

Where to Find More Geometric Fixtures

Juniper manufactures and assembles lighting by hand in our New York lighting design studio. We prosper in reductive and linear designs to provide minimal lighting solutions to all residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces. Available in triangle, square, rectangle, rhombus, hexagon, and octagon, the THIN Primaries Collection can be suspended or wall-mounted to adorn any modern space. Contact our sales team for questions or to ask for more lighting recommendations.

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