Residential Kitchen by Alana Fletcher Interiors with Connected THIN Suspensions

Alana Fletcher, a Toronto-based interior designer with over 10 years of experience, designed a residential kitchen in Canada that reflected her modern and clean aesthetics. Still having the client in mind, the contemporary kitchen is equipped with linear elements, such as minimal lighting, that further establish the space’s symmetrical style.


Alana Fletcher’s Interior Design

For a large kitchen space, Alana Fletcher opted for light-toned wood spread throughout the floors, cupboards, and window & sliding door frames. It is balanced with dark inset cabinets that stretch across the residential kitchen. Rich wooden dining table and black & gray leather seating are positioned to overlook a scenic view.


The kitchen itself was designed for someone who appreciates tremendous space when preparing food. It is bordered with elongated countertops and a large kitchen island. The central countertop is divided into two surfaces that stand on different heights. One is leveled at a standard height to maximize culinary activities and the other half emulates bar level to offer an eat-in kitchen while giving bar stools enough room to be tucked underneath.

Juniper THIN Suspension Kitchen Island

For the space’s lighting plan, Alana Fletcher customized three magnetically connected THIN Suspensions in Black Oxide to unify the central kitchen island’s divided heights. With its ultra-slim and linear profile, the dimmable LED configuration suits the residential space’s modern style. Apart from its refined design, the interconnected THIN Suspensions’ segments can be independently rotated to allow for customized lighting experience.


Hailing from our THIN Modular Lighting System, designed by Peter Bristol, the THIN Suspension tastefully displays a 1/2-inch segment. It is assembled using brass tubings, giving the fixture luxurious metal finish options such as Satin Brass, Satin Nickel, and Black Oxide. The THIN Suspension can further be customized in terms of its segment length (24 in. or 36 in.), lens option (frosted or clear), mounting option (center-mount to ceiling or direct mount to ceiling), and color temperature (2700K-4000K).

Juniper Lighting Connected THIN Suspension Kitchen

Magnetically Connected THIN Suspensions in Black Oxide

Where to Find More Linear Lighting Solutions

As a lighting manufacturer that thrives in reductive design, Juniper offers a range of linear fixtures that can adorn residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces. We recommend exploring our projects that feature our THIN System to inspire you for your upcoming interior project. Our sales team is also open to questions and to help with more lighting solutions that best suit your space.

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