Bronze Light Fixtures from the Axis Collection

Designed by Miren Lasnier for Juniper, the Axis Collection explores the balance of form and light through reductive design. This family of bronze fixtures draws inspiration from the extruded angles, channels, and tees that proliferated during the Industrial Revolution and remain virtually unchanged until today.


Encapsulating a variety of suspended and wall-mounted configurations, each style possesses its own visual language and highlights a unique orientation. The core of the Axis Collection blends modesty with luxury to create dynamic lighting silhouettes.

Axis X

Axis X as a suspended in an installation

The Axis X is a suspended LED light fixture that carries modern industrial inspiration through lighting technology. Experience sophisticated illumination for residential, commercial, or hospitality settings.


Each 90° bronze angle of the Axis X sits parallel to its adjacent angle, forming four channels filled by LED light arrays. Available in metal and wood finishes, the Axis X can rotate on-site to display an X or + orientation to scatter light where it is needed most.

Axis T

Axis T as a suspended in an installation

The Axis T features two 90° angles carefully spaced parallel to each other, creating channels similar to the Axis X. Warm illumination runs the length of the fixture to emit a stunning display of light.


The Axis T configuration exhibits two high-output light arrays facing outward to emit direct and indirect beams of light. Precision-machined and hand-finished, the extruded bronze angles are available in rich finishes to seamlessly complement the illumination radiating from each light array.

Axis Wall Sconce

satin brass axis wall sconce

The Axis Wall Sconce displays two parallel angles, framing a single high-output LED light array to illuminate from its central channel.


With the Axis Wall Sconce’s bronze angles, this configuration translates its industrial inspiration into high-end design for hotel lobbies, hallways, bathroom vanities, or wall accent lighting. Its architectural element is reflected upon its mounted backplate, which conveys a modern aesthetic.

Axis X Vertical Suspension


The Axis X Vertical Suspension features four light arrays that exude an inviting illumination. It suspends from one mounting point to form a vertical linear fixture.


Install as a single fixture or cluster Axis X Vertical Suspensions and adjust each drop height to customize a grand lighting installation that fit any residential, commercial, or hospitality space. Dim the fixture down for a simple, luxurious sculpture to create a stunning impression.

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