The Metropolis Collection

Born out of a passion project to create an office lighting solution for Argonaut‘s workspace, David Meckley of Huntsman Architectural Group designed the Metropolis Wall-to-Wall System for Juniper. With its well-received success since its debut, we encountered more requests to manufacture customized wall-to-wall lighting for large-scale projects. What was once a custom configuration design for a newly-renovated office space branched into a collection of suspended and wall-mounted architectural light fixtures. Discover the Metropolis Collection below.

Metropolis Wall-to-Wall


Featuring light modules that protrude from a central matte black beam, the Metropolis Wall-to-Wall mounts to parallel walls that can run the length of any space. We offer a ceiling-mounted option and a suspended mounting option to cater to spaces without parallel walls, while corner pieces are available to configure custom shapes for all settings.

Metropolis Suspension

Juniper Aluminum Lighting Metropolis Suspension without Mesh Diffuser in Satin Brass
Juniper Architectural Lighting Metropolis Suspension in Satin Nickel with Mesh Diffuser

A common thread of the Metropolis Collection is an aluminum core, which draws heat away from the high-output fixture. The bisecting aluminum core divides the fixture into two hemispheres, enabling direct and indirect dimming capabilities. The Metropolis Suspension suspends a cylindrical light module with the option to add a perforated mesh diffuser for a Bauhaus-inspired aesthetic.

Juniper Aluminum Lighting Metropolis Wall Sconce without Mesh Diffuser in Satin Brass
Juniper Architectural Lighting Metropolis Wall Sconce with Mesh in Satin Brass

Metropolis Wall Sconce

Shadowing the Metropolis Suspension’s physical characteristics, the Metropolis Wall Sconce stands out with its rectangular backplate that allows for vertical and horizontal wall mounting. This design that completes the collection nods to vintage aesthetics that offer a lighting solution for offices, kitchens, or libraries.

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