THIN Primaries Collection: Brass Geometric Light Fixtures

Displaying eye-catching silhouettes, the THIN Primaries is a collection of wall-mounted and suspended geometric light fixtures. Often embellishing commercial and hospitality spaces for their striking profile, this collection also makes a statement in modern residential spaces with minimal design.


The THIN Primaries Collection encapsulates LED configurations with solid brass segments that rotate 360° to control direct and indirect lighting. Each fixture’s 1/2-inch segments also independently snap in and out due to their magnetic connectors. Discover more about our geometric light fixtures from the THIN Primaries Collection.

THIN Primaries Triangle

The THIN Primaries Triangle features an equilateral shape using 3 dimmable light segments and 60° angle connectors. Embodying a modest figure, it can be installed as a single fixture or repeated in groupings. Available in 24 in. and 36 in., the THIN Primaries Triangle suits as architectural lighting in any space.

THIN Primaries Square

Interconnected into a symmetrical square shape using four 90° brass corner pieces, the THIN Primaries Square operates with 4 LED light segments. It is available in 24 in. and 36 in. segments, allowing users to customize small or large geometric light fixtures that are unique to their space.

THIN Primaries Rectangle

Echoing the THIN Primaries Square with its proportional profile, the THIN Primaries Rectangle exhibits 4 light segments in customizable sizes to assemble the perfect rectangular shape. Suspend it directly above a table or direct-mount the THIN Primaries Rectangle on the ceiling or wall for a protruding geometric light fixture.

THIN Primaries Rhombus

The THIN Primaries Rhombus is a stunning diamond-like configuration. It showcases 4 light segments with two 60°, and two 120° angle connectors. Due to its magnetic fittings, the THIN Primaries Rhombus is an exceptional shape that embodies elegance and luxury.

THIN Primaries Hexagon

Assembled using 6 LED light segments and 120° angle connectors, the THIN Primaries Hexagon demonstrates an exquisite shape, elevating any space. Although this geometric light fixture already exudes stunning illumination on its own, the THIN Primaries Hexagon can be expanded, stacked, or clustered to generate a more dramatic installation.

THIN Primaries Octagon

Completing our THIN Primaries Collection is our largest pendant, the THIN Primaries Octagon, which debuted during our 2018 winter release. It forms a magnificent octagonal shape, magnetically fitted using eight 135° brass corners. Colossal in size, the THIN Primaries Octagon still exercises reductive design with its slender LED light segments.

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