5 Juniper Lighting Product Upgrades in 2018

Apart from releasing new lighting designs in December 2018, we also went through the year developing lighting product upgrades to keep up with changing technology. For all the times we’ve encountered an opportunity to update our products, we closely examined how each one can create a meaningful impact on people’s lives. Until this day, we innovate for reasons that transcend decorative purposes.

1. Brass Cable Collars for THIN Primaries & THIN Linear Suspensions

All suspended fixtures from the THIN Modular Lighting System are installed using the thinnest aircraft cables and power cords to display these lighting designs in their most minimal form. We introduced cable collars for THIN Primaries Suspensions and THIN Linear Suspensions to extend their luxurious, brass profile. These upgrades significantly allow users to explore a center-mounted orientation by gathering cables and fastening them together with a cable collar as seen below.

Cable Collars for THIN Primaries Suspensions and THIN Linear Suspensions in Satin Brass

Juniper Lighting THIN Primaries Triangle Geometric Light Fixture with Cable Collar

The THIN Primaries Triangle with a Cable Collar in Satin Brass

2. Center Power Feed for the THIN Suspension

Our THIN suspended fixtures feature magnetic fittings that allow for quick installation. When the THIN System was released, the only option was to place the power feed at either end of the fixture. We have now developed the ability to move where the power feed sits in the THIN Suspension for configurations of 2 or more segments. Clients can now place their canopy at the center of a fixture, as well as create truly limitless lengths of the THIN Suspension. We accompanied this lighting product upgrade with a Center Power Feed Installation Guide to provide technical instructions.

Center Power Feed for Minimal Linear THIN Suspensions

Center Power Feed for the THIN Suspension

Pacific Union California Head Office

THIN Suspensions with an End Power Feed at Pacific Union HQ

3. THIN Task Lamp Wall Mount Base

Originally wall-mounted with a bare cast iron base, the THIN Task Lamp with Wall Mount‘s base now matches the lamp’s luxurious finish in Satin Brass, Satin Nickel, or Black Oxide. This offers a seamless aesthetic, especially when pairing the fixture with our Ground Control Toggle Switch. Browse the new THIN Task Lamp Wall Mount Base to upgrade your current base.

4. New Mounting Options for Metropolis Wall-to-Wall System

Designed by David Meckley, the Metropolis System that mounts on parallel walls was a custom request for Argonaut‘s headquarters. Due to popular demand, we developed more mounting options for this design, such as ceiling-mounted and suspended mounting orientations to cater to spaces that do not have parallel walls. We’ve also developed an elbow piece that allows the Metropolis System to turn 90°. Users can now create shapes to fit unique spaces, or angle the elbows up to mount directly to the ceiling.


Metropolis System at Argonaut with Wall-to-Wall Mounting Option

5. 48-inch THIN Vertical Suspension Light Segment

The THIN Vertical Suspension was first released in 24 in. and 36 in. light segments. Our Product Development team added a new segment length option of 48 in. to give users more creative freedom when installing the light fixture as a single light or as a cluster. We are currently developing this option to be compatible with our other THIN light fixtures.

Juniper THIN Suspensions 48 inches Light Segments

48 in. THIN Vertical Suspensions in Satin Brass

THIN Vertical Suspension Dramatic Installation Restaurant

Clusters of the THIN Vertical Suspension in Black Oxide

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