Product Upgrade: Cable Collar for THIN Linear Suspensions

Refined and elegant in form, Juniper’s THIN linear suspended fixtures’ mounting orientation can be upgraded through a simplistic tool, devised by our Product Development team. Explore how this innovation refines compatible light fixtures.


Product Upgrade

Our THIN linear suspended fixtures’ aircraft cables and power cords drop straight from the ceiling to the fixtures’ brass tubing. For so long, this was the only option to suspend fixtures, until requests started coming to us for center-mounted suspended options. Our Product Development team resolved the requests by offering a minimal accessory to enable center-mounting—the Cable Collar.


Machined in solid brass, the Cable Collar aesthetically mirrors our linear suspended fixtures’ brass finishes in Satin Brass, Satin Nickel, and Black Oxide. Seamlessly gathering aircraft cables and power cords, users have the alternative for an adjustable center-mounted fixture to display a luxurious installation.

Compatible THIN Linear Suspended Fixtures

The Cable Collar can be paired with any THIN linear suspended fixtures that have 2 or 3 ceiling-mounted points (or 1 to 2 connected sections), like our signature THIN Suspension. The THIN Multiples Dyad, Triad, and Tetrad are also compatible with this linear Cable Collar. Compatible fixtures with a Linear Cable Collar will connect all mounting points to a central ceiling canopy for center mounting.


THIN Suspension with and without a Cable Collar for 2 and 3 Mounting Points


THIN Multiples Triad with and without a Cable Collar for 2 and 3 Mounting Points

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