Retrofit Magazine Covers Juniper Metropolis Wall Sconce Design

Retrofit Magazine Metropolis Wall Sconce Feature

retrofit magazine is an online and printed trade publication that delivers industry news to professionals such as facility managers, building owners, and contractors. Our Metropolis Wall Sconce, a cylindrical LED wall sconce design, was recently featured in their online news section to discuss its versatile mounting orientation:

The Metropolis Wall Sconce is an addition to Juniper’s larger Metropolis Collection. The cylindrical LED wall sconce can be mounted vertically or horizontally to fit a variety of spaces, including offices, retail spaces and studios.

– retrofit magazine editor


About the Metropolis Wall Sconce

The Metropolis Wall Sconce was a collaboration among Juniper, David Meckley, and Huntsman Architectural Group to provide a lighting solution fit for workspaces and other large commercial, hospitality, or residential spaces. This cylindrical LED wall sconce features a 3.5-in. profile, divided by an aluminum core to create two sections of illumination.


Turn an office space into a relaxing environment by independently dimming the Metropolis Wall Sconce’s bisectional hemispheres. This dimming capability helps cool your light fixture, which in turn, extends the LED lamping’s lifespan. Be in full control of the Metropolis Wall Sconce’s energy consumption and illumination for a more comfortable, productive space.

Wall-Mount Orientations

Assembled with a rectangular backplate, the Metropolis Wall Sconce is a luxurious light fixture that nods to Bauhaus and nautical designs. More importantly, this brass plate allows for vertical, horizontal, or diagonal wall-mounting to create an installation that is unique to your space. Add a black hexagonal mesh diffuser to soften illumination or to create depth with its industrial characteristic.

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