Hyde Park Tudor Style Bathroom Remodel by RM Interiors with THIN Surface Mounts

Originally built with classic architecture and interiors that nod to the medieval period, a Tudor mansion in Hyde Park, Cincinnati, was updated to transpose the residence into a modern home. RM Interiors, an interior design firm with award-winning designs, revamped the master bathroom suite with our linear fixtures that resonate to their minimalist approach.


Upon entering the bathroom suite, a large frameless wall mirror magnifies the entire space. Underneath are two inset white washbasins and a floating double vanity in a muted tone with linear handles. The bathroom upholds its minimal design with faucets and handles mounted on the wall to reduce tabletop footprint.


THIN Surface Mount Vanity Light with Two Connected Segments in Satin Nickel


Installed above the mirror, magnetically connected segments of our THIN Surface Mount Vanity Light serves as overhead lighting. While overhead fixtures can cast shadow, the THIN Surface Mount Vanity Light is machined with a 1/2-inch diameter segment that can easily be rotated 360°. This feature allows for repositioning to eliminate any harsh illumination when needed.


RM Interior’s design team customized our THIN Surface Mount Vanity Light to meet their client’s modern taste. We give all users the freedom to select their preferred metal finish, segment length, standoff height, connected sections, lens finish, and color temperature to engineer a bathroom light fixture that is unique to their space.

A single bathroom vanity is installed in the master bathroom suite’s extension with a bathtub. RM Interiors repeated the THIN Surface Mount Vanity Light in the same luxurious finish, but with a shorter segment length to trace the small wall-mounted mirror underneath. This choice of bathroom light fixture exudes illumination to accentuate any corner of a space, besides helping with morning routines and other productive tasks.

Photos by Ross Van Pelt


More Modern and Linear Lighting Solutions for Bathrooms

Juniper is a lighting manufacturer in New York that assembles contemporary lighting fixtures by hand. We offer LED solutions for all spans of residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces. Please reach out to our sales team if you are looking for more linear fixtures to adorn your modern bathroom.

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