House & Home January Favorite: The Love Me Not Flower Pendant

House & Home is an online and printed publication that covers premium designs, designers, and interiors across North America. In their January 2019 issue, their editors handpicked their favorite designer pieces such as tableware, rugs, and lighting. Our Love Me Not flower pendant was listed as the number one pick for the month for its unique personality.

House & Home Magazine of Style January 2019 Magazine Front Page
Juniper Love Me Not Flower Pendant Magazine Feature

The Love Me Not Flower Pendant Featured in House & Home Magazine‘s January 2019 Issue

Contemporary Lighting Design Juniper Lighting Love Me Not Acrylic Flower Pendant Pascale Girardin

The Love Me Not Designed by Pascale Girardin for Juniper

The Designer

The Love Me Not flower pendant was designed by Pascale Girardin for Juniper. She is a renowned ceramic artist in Montreal who is celebrated for her high-end architectural and decorative pieces distributed across the hospitality industry.


The Inspiration

It reminisces childhood memories of picking petals off daisies, forming into a pendant light with dramatic layers of hand-formed petals.

About the Love Me Not

Effortless and elegant, the Love Me Not is a hand-formed light fixture that casts a warm, radiant glow. It features five layers of petals, created in satinice acrylic for a porcelain-like finish. Each petal is molded by hand in our lighting design studio to form organic shapes, so no two configurations are identical.


This LED flower pendant provides functional lighting in any contemporary space, exceeding its decorative element. Install a single Love Me Not to display a breathtaking installation or cluster the pendant to establish a spectacular array of dimmable, sculpture-like light fixtures.


More Featured Designers

Joining House & Home’s January favorites are more modern pieces from other designers. Vista Alegre‘s elaborate tableware collection, designed by Christian Lacroix, was listed for its scenic hand-painted design. Another luxurious designer piece, a champagne gold stoking set with oak handles wrapped in leather, was a collaboration between CB2 and goop by Gwyneth Paltrow.


Their editorial team also featured the hand-dyed No. 17 Rug in Red by Tantuvi, an artisan color block rug, hand-woven in India. Lastly, the Lane lounge chair by Bright Chair completes the list for its mid-century modern aesthetic, embellished with wedge-shaped arms.

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