Top 5 Modern Design Trends This 2019

Some trends are a thing of the past and what was modern in 2018 may be outdated this 2019. Juniper, a New York lighting manufacturer and design studio, keeps in track of new designs and vintage aesthetics to coordinate with our products. From figures, to materials, and colors, these are the top modern design trends you should watch out for this year.


1. Curved Furniture And Organic-Shaped Decor

Boxy furniture and decor suggest clean design but may appear utilitarian in some spaces. Incorporate rounded pieces to refine your space and indicate sophistication. Curved forms, like Haute House Home‘s tufted velvet sofa, recall the Art Deco period that turns these into classic shapes. It adds a delicate touch to contemporary spaces with intricate architectural elements.


Photo by Haute House Home


Interior and Photo by 1805 London

2. Modern Wood Design Elements

Modern spaces are pursued by minimal design and contemporary decorative pieces. Add warmth to your space by selecting wood as the dominant material for tables, shelves, or light fixtures. Holding a bronze or wood body, our Axis Collection encapsulates wall-mounted and suspended light fixtures that create a statement for its luxurious aesthetics, revived from the Industrial Revolution.


Axis X Vertical Suspensions in Black Walnut

Juniper Lighting Suspended Axis X in Black Oxide

Axis X in Black Oxide

3. High-Textured Fabric

There is a growing demand for modern design trends that nod to mid-century modern aesthetics such as velvet, suede, and linen fabric. These materials adapt fairly well to contemporary spaces beaming with color and furnishings. Reflect textiles by de Le Cuona or Hartmann & Forbes in ottomans, poufs, or wallpapers.


Photo by de Le Cuona


Fabric by Hartmann & Forbes and Photo by Audrey Pick

4. Hexagonal Lighting

Today’s market demands simple and straightforward designs to complement their minimal style. With modern aesthetics, the shape of the hexagon has been taken to a new level in popularity. Our Metropolis Collection exudes brilliant lighting from its bi-sectional hemispheres, with the option to add a hexagonal mesh. This feature diffuses the output while transposing the fixture into a resilient design.


Metropolis Suspension with a Mesh Diffuser in Satin Brass

Juniper Lighting THIN Primaries Hexagon Geometric Lighting In Contemporary Waiting Lounge

THIN Primaries Hexagons in Satin Nickel

5. Millennial Color Palettes

This year’s modern design trends are not only about muted tones and monochromatic color palettes. Don’t be afraid to throw a few shades into your interiors. Avoid distraction by selecting colors that are easy on the eyes like Calico‘s prismatic wallpapers.


Photo by Calico Wallpaper

Disclaimer: Credit is given to either the photographer or the copyright holder of respective images

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