Designer Highlight: Principal Designer, Jamie Chioco of Chioco Design

Jamie Chioco Principal Designer Headshot Sidney Wilder Photographer

Jamie Chioco, Principal Designer of Chioco Design

Based in Austin, Texas, Chioco Design is a firm that reinforces local design quality by focusing on private and commercial projects within the proximity. Due to their success, Chioco Design’s services expanded in Tennessee, Colorado, and California to name a few. We interviewed Chioco Design’s Principal Designer, Jamie Chioco, to discover more about the design firm.


Tell Us About Your Design Background

After graduating from the University of Oklahoma School of Architecture, I founded Chioco Design in 2005. Our team is composed of individuals with diverse backgrounds in architecture and they also express their creativity through other design outlets such as fashion, interior design, ceramics, and furniture design.


What’s your Favorite Project So Far?

That’s a difficult question because each project is unique. I try to choose projects we work on based on experiences we can learn and grow from as a team.

Any Favorite or Least Favorite Design Tips?

I always tell my clients that any project succeeds when there is mutual collaboration between the architect, client, and contractor. Communication is ultimately the most important aspect of that. In terms of design tips, I don’t have any favorite since they are mostly too general. The only thing I would recommend is to have a sense of scale and proportion, and do not assume that big, open spaces are always the best solutions.


Describe Your Design Aesthetic

Our aesthetics are reflected as rich in material, contemporary, and innovative. We design our projects to be as functional as they are beautiful by integrating both natural and man-made materials throughout the space.

Projects by Chioco Design

Why do you choose Juniper in your projects, and what is your favorite fixture?

Juniper is a manufacturer of high-quality light fixtures that embody a refined design. My favorite are the geometric pendants from the THIN Primaries Collection because all of the shapes are striking. In fact, we have installed the THIN Primaries Square across our projects like in FreeIt Data Solution‘s conference room and a recent penthouse renovation in Austin, Texas.

FreeIt Data Solutions Entryway Reception Desk

FreeIt Data Solutions Designed by Chioco Design

THIN Primaries Square Geometrical Light Fixture at FreeIt Data Solutions Conference Room

Suspended THIN Primaries Square in Black Oxide

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