5 Common Mistakes When Choosing Light Fixtures

Lighting comes in diverse forms and sizes that it almost feels impossible to end up with the right fixture that suits your space. We understand this difficulty, therefore, we rounded up five common mistakes to avoid so you can narrow down your options.


1. Prioritizing Design Over Purpose

While design is a big factor, one of the most common mistakes is disregarding function and impulsively buying a fixture for decorative purposes only. We recommend exploring our THIN Modular Lighting System that exemplifies both form and function. It encapsulates a collection of minimal lighting that stays true to its purpose.

The Wing Dumbo Library

THIN Surface Mount with Two Connected Segments in Satin Brass at The Wing DUMBO

2. Using One Fixture as the Only Light Source

Although the brightness of a space depends its foot-candles and a fixture’s lumens, a single fixture is normally not sufficient enough to illuminate an entire space. Think in layers instead, and utilize your main source as a foundation to translate a dull space into a well-lit space. Discover effortless lighting solutions such as the Axis X with four perpendicular light arrays and the Metropolis Suspension with lumens of up to 8,200LM.

Juniper Lighting Axis X Light Fixture

Axis X in Satin Brass

3. Overlooking Lighting Temperatures & CRI

The wrong color temperature can make your space feel uninspiring and generally not pleasing to look at, while poor Color-Rendering Index (CRI) can make an object’s color look inaccurate under a light source. Discover the right lighting temperature and CRI for any space here.

juniper lighting color temperature comparison

4. Neglecting dimmers

Some would feel that dimmers only add excess cost, however, these power accessories can actually save your fixture’s lifespan and your electric bill in the long run. Our Ground Control Dimmers allow you to easily control your lighting consumption and adjust your space’s atmosphere, while displaying luxurious aesthetics with its brass finish.

juniper lighting difference between voltage, wattage, and amps

5. Failing to consider your space’s color

Dominant colors in any space can dictate what metal finish can complement it. We offer all of our products in varied luxurious finishes, so users can have the option to embellish their space with their choice of color.

Juniper Metropolis Wall Sconce Lighting Pastel Green Walls

Metropolis Wall Sconces in Satin Brass

Modern LED Lighting Solutions

Juniper is a leading lighting manufacturer with limitless lighting solutions for residential, hospitality, and commercial spaces. We assemble all of our products by hand to ensure that each fixture operates as instructed. We specialize in our linear & minimal products and custom fixtures for large-scale projects. Contact our sales team today for distinct lighting solutions that dodge these common mistakes.

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