5 Reasons to Choose Brass Hardware

Commonly mistaken for gold for their similar appearance, brass is actually an alloy with properties that make it ideal for architectural elements found in mid-century modern spaces. At Juniper, we assemble select fixtures using solid brass tubing for reasons that go beyond its elegant physical attributes.


1. Brass Does Not Tarnish

Brass, being an alloy of copper and zinc, does not rust, as this only forms in iron-based metals. However, like other natural metals, brass will patina over time. We protect our brass THIN Modular Lighting System with a mild matte lacquer to delay its discoloration and to protect it from humid exposures and natural oils.


THIN Chandeliers in Satin Brass at Assemblage Coworking Space Nomad Location. Photo by Mikiko Kikuyama

2. Brass Has Antimicrobial Properties

Possessing natural antibacterial properties that kill harmful microbes, brass is a fitting hardware solution for spaces in food or medical industries. Each time brass hardware is held, its helpful properties are activated by sweat.


3. Brass Offers Luxurious Vintage Aesthetics

We deliver high-quality products to all of our clients, like our brass fixtures from the THIN System. This metal finish can be too striking when used impulsively, therefore, we recommend distributing hints of brass within the space to create a simple yet stunning impression. A way to subtly incorporate brass in a contemporary space is to install Ground Control power accessories on furniture.


Furniture-Mounted Ground Control Toggle Switch

4. Brass Requires Less Upkeep

All brass components will need occasional cleaning to remove environment traces, but it does not need any special care. Simply wipe off dust with a damp cloth and your hardware may look brand new once again. Get more details on our cleaning instructions for brass fixtures.


5. Brass is Recyclable and Sustainable

With the existence of different types of materials, not all brass hardware can be recycled. We offer our brass fixtures that contribute to the green movement and are sustainable due to the absence of toxic materials. These also hold value, allowing it to be sold to some scrap metal recycling yards.


THIN Suspension with 7 Connected Sections at Patisserie Fouet

Finding Brass Fixtures

Juniper assembles contemporary light fixtures for residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces in our lighting design studio. We offer modular brass lighting with minimal and linear designs. Contact our sales team for questions or for more brass LED solutions.

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