Design Milk Introduces New Additions to our Contemporary Lighting Solutions

Design Milk, an online magazine dedicated to modern design, featured our updated contemporary lighting solutions released in Winter 2018. We debuted lighting designs that expanded our Axis Collection and THIN Modular Lighting System, with the exception of the Rail, which has formed its own modular outdoor lighting system.

The Rail Outdoor Lighting System

Launching a contemporary lighting solution for external settings, the Rail Outdoor Lighting System was thoughtfully designed as a water-resistant light fixture. It features an aluminum body, while embodying a delicate design for luxurious illumination with a low profile. Install the Rail as a discreet patio lighting or as a minimal lighting solution to accentuate signage, storefront displays, and other architectural elements.

Axis X Vertical Suspension

Branching from the Axis Collection designed by Miren Lasnier for Juniper, the Axis X Vertical Suspension reintroduces a modern interpretation of protruding elements from the Industrial Revolution. It holds a solid bronze or wood body to provide warm finish options that complement its four dimmable light arrays.

THIN Primaries Octagon

Our THIN Primaries Octagon was designed by Peter Bristol, designer of the THIN Modular Lighting System for Juniper, dominating the THIN Primaries Collection as our largest pendant to date. It transforms large, empty spaces into an elegant setting for its bold geometric impression.

THIN Multiples Vertical Suspension

The THIN Multiples Vertical Suspension brings a new perspective on the Triad and Tetrad with its upright silhouette, suspended by a single aircraft cable. Its 3 or 4 light segments are unified using brass straps on each end of the configuration for multi-directional lighting upon independent rotation.

THIN Vertical Suspension

Suspending as a single line, the THIN Vertical Suspension is the truest form of reductive design for minimal, luxurious spaces. Designed to manually rotate each light segment, the THIN Vertical Suspension can be installed in 1, 3, 4, or 6 segments (custom options available upon request) to illustrate a lighting solution that adjusts to your liking.

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