3 Recommended Lighting Designs For Contemporary Kitchen Lighting

Being one of the busiest rooms in a residential space, kitchens need ample lighting to guarantee a comfortable space for meal preps and entertaining guests. From under-cabinet to kitchen island lighting, read further to discover fixures to install as contemporary kitchen lighting when building or remodeling a space.


1. Brass Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting, being a practical installation for productive tasks, is a contemporary kitchen lighting solution that enhances work efficiency. When tracing under-cabinets, eyes are also naturally drawn to its linear silhouette. Consider fixtures with materials like brass for added luxurious value.


What we Recommend:

To achieve long symmetrical under-cabinet lighting, the THIN Surface Mount Display Light features magnetic ends so users are able to seamlessly connect segments for endless lengths.

Linear Minimal Under-Cabinet THIN Display Light Black Oxide

THIN Surface Mount Display Light with 3 Connected Segments in Black Oxide

2. Clustered Linear Kitchen Island Lighting

Pendant lighting is popular above kitchen islands due to their elaborate designs that make a statement in modern spaces. Defy the norm and opt for a minimal suspended fixture instead, which delivers a customized lighting experience while adding a contemporary character to your space.

What we Recommend:

Stemming from the THIN Multiples Collection, the THIN Multiples Triad features three rotatable segments that exude abundant illumination. Users can reposition lighting directly on the counter for tasks or other preferred directions for ambiance.


THIN Multiples Triad with 3 Connected Segments in Satin Brass


3. Minimal Suspended Linear Lighting

Modern spaces nowadays are defined by straight lines and designs that indicate minimalism. Reflect this characteristic in fixtures with simplistic design to keep kitchens looking crisp and clean. We suggest a configuration that forms a single line with a sleek profile.


What we Recommend:

The THIN Suspension, characterized by its 1/2-inch diameter segments, is an ideal fixture to avoid obstruction. It can be magnetically connected for extensive runs due to its modularity. Segments can be rotated on-site to adjust the fixture’s illumination from task lighting to ambient lighting.


THIN Suspension with 3 Connected Segments in Black Oxide. Photo by Alana Fletcher Interiors


THIN Suspension with 3 Connected Segments in Satin Brass. Photography by Aidan Cassidy

Contemporary Kitchen Lighting Solutions

These linear fixtures are among our range of designs that exhibit our ethos as a lighting manufacturer. Our modern light fixtures embrace minimal forms, proudly assembled by hand in our lighting design studio. Reach out to our sales team for questions or more lighting recommendations.

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