5 Designers To Look Out For In 2019

Explore our list of top designers this 2019, whose projects have been featured throughout the design industry for their sophisticated taste. Having their own distinct flair, see which ones translate your personal style.


1. Luca Nichetto

Beginning his career in an umbrella of design realms such as industrial design, product design, and design consultancy, Luca Nichetto demonstrated skills that gave him the opportunity to broaden his services outside of his hometown in Italy. He launched Nichetto Studio, a multidisciplinary design studio with a style that merges functionality, mid-century modern aesthetics, and organic shapes to introduce show-stopping installations and architectural elements.



Hermès Italy’s window display, Coedition Paris’ showroom, and designer furniture with international brands like Moroso and Offecct

Luca Nichetto Design Milk Feature
Hermes Italy Display Window by Luca Nichetto

Hermès Window Display in Italy Designed by Luca Nichetto

2. Daniel Germani

Known to be among the top designers in the industry for award-winning collaborations, Daniel Germani spearheads his firm that focuses on bespoke contemporary furniture, interior design, and architectural renovation. We collaborated with Daniel in the past to furnish the multi-awardee DeKauri, a bathroom credenza solution, adorned with our THIN Surface Mount Vanity Lights and Ground Control Toggle Switch. His designs are recognizable for their modern and natural elements.



DeKauri bathroom vanity credenza, Dekton Industrial Series, and modular outdoor cooking space with Jordan Brown Outdoor Kitchens

3. Joseph Dirand

Joseph Dirand is a French architect and designer, favored by public icons and top designers such as Kanye West, Chloé, Givenchy, and Balmain. He describes his style as minimalistic, allowing him to design a blank slate with only metamorphic characteristics to tell the story behind his ideas.



Balenciaga Tokyo, Balmain Paris, Emilio Pucci New York, and Chloé Paris luxury retail stores

Joseph Dirand Photo by Alex Cretey Systermans

Balenciaga Retail Store in Tokyo Designed by Joseph Dirand

4. Genevieve Bennett

Genevieve Bennet is a woman of class and flair, thriving in bespoke, decorative designs. She explores precise details in all of her work to turn these into seamless and unchanging contemporary pieces. Specializing in sculpting leather, Genevieve’s craft is utilized for luxury wall paneling, mirrors, and furniture.



Home accessory designs with Crate and Barrel, engraved leather for Knoll International, and bespoke leather tile design for Mulberry

Genevieve Bennett Luxury Bespoke Leather Designer
Mulberry Retail Store Bespoke Tiling Design by Genevieve Bennett

Bespoke Tiling Design at Mulberry Designed by Genevieve Bennett

5. Kelly Hoppen

Another designer to the stars, Kelly Hoppen is a coveted interior designer by celebrities. She began her career at the early age of 16 through a project for a family friend’s kitchen. This resulted in numerous awards and a full-blown design career. Kelly’s portfolio boasts designs with crisp lines and neutral hues, creating comfortable and luxurious spaces.



Celebrity Cruises Edge Class, One Shenzhen Bay in China, and 5-star LUX Grand Gaube hotel in South Africa


 Celebrity Cruises Edge Class Designed by Kelly Hoppen

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