5 Design Ideas for Black and White Modern Kitchens

Explore a muted tone for your kitchen to keep it clean, simple, and minimal. Black and white are becoming more popular in modern spaces for their aesthetically pleasing appearances when accentuated properly. Bold and sophisticated, these contemporary design ideas are helpful when revamping a black and white kitchen.


1. Match or Contrast your Countertop with your Backsplash

Decide on a backsplash for your black and white kitchen after selecting the countertop’s finish. This will give you a clearer vision, whether you would prefer a continuous-looking space by matching the material of the backsplash with the surface, or a dramatic flair that stands out when contrasting these elements.

Kohler's black recessed sink on white countertop

2. Opt for a Muted Marble Surface

A black marble surface with white veins is a subtle way to add a black and white tone in your kitchen without overdoing it. Cambria manufactures natural quartz surfaces and has a collection of elegant marble designs that capture guests when gathering in a space.

Black Marble with White Countertop for Kitchens by Cambria

3. Choose a Minimal Light Fixture in a Black Finish

A fixture with an all-black profile creates a clean aesthetic, especially in a monochromatic kitchen. We recommend browsing our THIN Multiples Triad to install above the kitchen island or our THIN Surface Mount Display Light as under-cabinet lighting. Both of these designs are part of the THIN Modular Lighting System, encapsulating brass light fixtures in Black Oxide.

Modern Linear Cabinet Lighting for Black and White Under-cabinet Kitchen

THIN Surface Mount Display Light with 3 Connected Segments in Black Oxide

4. Patterned Bone China Dinnerware

Extend your colorway to your dinnerware for a cohesive design that sets the mood during mealtime. This black and white plate with 24-carat gold rims from Bethan Gray merges modern and classic altogether for a luxurious table setting.

Bethan Gray Luxury Bowls Plates and Dinnerware in Black and White

5. Incorporate Natural Elements Through Furniture

Avoid turning a black and white kitchen into a sterile space by including other architectural elements. Wood is an example of a material that can provide warmth and will help guests feel more comfortable. Complement your bar height kitchen island with Iskos-Berlin‘s Fiber Bar Stools that are accentuated by lacquered oak wood.

Muuto Fiber Wood Bar Stools Countertop

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