FAQ: Does the Rail Outdoor Lighting System Rotate?

Juniper Lighting Rail Water-Resistant Square Body Rail Outdoor Lighting System Connected

Inspired by our THIN Modular Lighting System, the Rail is assembled with linear light segments that rotate up to 320° for direct and indirect lighting. Learn more about this rotatable outdoor light fixture.


The Rail Outdoor Fixture

The Rail Outdoor Lighting System debuted in Winter 2018 as part of our latest lighting designs for all types of commercial, hospitality, and residential spaces. Recognized for its ultra-slim square body, the Rail is a linear lighting solution for outdoor installations with a low profile. It is machined in aluminum to withstand any outdoor elements and protects its LED lamping with silicone to endure possible water damage.


Precisely-engineered for modern outdoor spaces such as courtyards, retail storefronts, and patios, the Rail was also developed with modular functions that outweigh its form. Connect continual light segments together using our signature magnetic fittings that yield a lighting solution for longer and larger spaces.


The Rail with 3 Connected Segments in Bronze

modern courtyard lighting

Rotatable Light Segment Feature

The Rail Outdoor Lighting System is designed to rotate segments independently to illuminate outdoor signage and architectural elements. Users also have the ability to adjust the rotation and lock the segment into place for more permanent installations.

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