3 Modern Spaces to Install a THIN Suspension

The THIN Suspension, as simple as it seems, is a versatile lighting solution that can adorn any contemporary space. Designed by Peter Bristol for Juniper, this linear light fixture is among our leading designs from the THIN Modular Lighting System. Discover modern spaces to install the THIN Suspension.


1. Above a Modern Kitchen Island

Structured as a single horizontal line, the THIN Suspension is a minimal fixture that assists in preparing food, cutting ingredients, or cooking meals by rotating its light segments for direct lighting. This design is ideal for modern kitchen islands to serve as functional lighting for kitchen prep and entertaining. Explore our tips to choose the right modern countertop fixture for kitchens.


THIN Suspension with 3 Connected Segments in Black Oxide

2. Over Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Considered as a private sanctuary, a bathroom vanity is a productive space that requires right lighting to initiate self-confidence. The THIN Suspension can be an overhead linear lighting solution, installed in place of wall-mounted vanity lighting. Due to the THIN System’s modularity, the THIN Suspension’s magnetically connected segments can be repositioned to adjust illumination that hit the face directly.


THIN Suspension with 2 Connected Segments in Satin Nickel

3. Inside A Conference Room

Office conference rooms are multi-purpose workspaces where a team assembles and hosts meetings, for both employees and clients. LED lighting plays a huge role in changing a space’s atmosphere for any occasion. The THIN Suspension is a dimmable fixture that allows mood adjustability and limits energy consumption. The system is also modular to allow users to build custom runs and lengths to fit any modern workspace.


Linear Light Fixtures For Contemporary Spaces

Juniper assembles light fixtures in our lighting design studio. We thrive in linear designs that encapsulate the THIN Modular Lighting System, a collection of modern fixtures that exude minimal silhouettes for varying applications. Reach out to our sales team for questions or more linear lighting recommendations.

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