Designer Highlight: Founder, Alana Fletcher of Alana Fletcher Interiors

Alana Fletcher Interior Designer and Owner

Alana Fletcher, Founder of Alana Fletcher Interiors

Alana Fletcher Interiors was founded by Alana Fletcher herself, bringing over 10 years of experience in the design industry. The firm in Toronto, Canada is equipped with a team of professionals who specialize in luxury commercial and residential spaces. We interviewed Fletcher to learn how she began her journey and discover her taste in remodeling spaces.


How did you start in the design industry?

My background is in fashion and print production. I initially produced magazine and catalog spreads for various designers and publications, focusing on interiors. It was only when I had my second baby that I shifted over to interiors (almost 13 years ago!). Being immersed in these facets of bringing ads to life was the stepping stone I needed to direct me to the path of where I am today—from overseeing the design and build of the sets, propping, and budgeting. Today, my firm provides design services for large scale residences, offices, and retail spaces.


What is your design aesthetic?

My design aesthetic favors clean lines and modern spaces that are liveable and warm. Our interiors are timeless, solution-based designs.

Do you have any favorite projects you’ve worked on?

Each design opportunity holds a special place in my heart, but if I had to single out a specific project, I’d point you toward our Dunbar project. The incredible trust the clients had in our design direction and process elevated the entire experience for me. Ultimately, I believe it elevated the final outcome as well. The whole team was exceptional!

Dunbar Project and Photos by Alana Fletcher Interiors

What are your favorite and least favorite design tips?

A home is almost everyone’s most substantial investment, and the way the budget is allocated during a build or renovation should provide them with an interior that is functional. Be hardworking and thorough during planning and selecting finishes. My number one tip would be to select finishes that will stand the test of time. Next, always choose solid core doors. Always. Lastly, I recommend painting your walls and ceiling in the same shade for a more cohesive, grand look. I’ve used this application with both dark and light colors and it works no matter the shade!


Why do you trust Juniper light fixtures in your projects?

Juniper provided us with the perfect solution when we were struggling to find a very minimal profile pendant that extended beyond a typical pendant length for a contemporary kitchen renovation. The versatility of the THIN Modular Lighting System was perfect in every way. It highlighted the interior architecture of the room and did not interfere with the views outside of the house. We also recently saw the Love Me Not on display at Hollace Cluny, a retailer in Toronto, and we were completely smitten!

Residential Kitchen Remodel and Photos by Alana Fletcher Interiors

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