Juniper’s Lighting Innovations in 2018

2018 has been a year of lighting innovations. As a lighting manufacturer, we have always been head over heels about introducing new designs and product upgrades for our clients’ benefits. Let’s look back and explore all the wonders we have demonstrated in the past year to upgrade our products.

New Modern Lighting Designs

We began the year debuting fresh lighting innovations at International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) such as the Axis Collection and the Metropolis Wall Sconce. We are also ecstatic to end 2018 bringing you our newest designs like the THIN Primaries Octagon, THIN Multiples Vertical Suspension, THIN Vertical Suspension, Axis X Vertical Suspension, and our first outdoor fixture, the Rail. With these fixtures now available on our website, we are able to give users more aesthetically pleasing options to embellish contemporary spaces. Please reach out to our sales team for any questions you may have.

juniper first outdoor fixture rail

The Rail in Black


THIN Primaries Octagon in Satin Brass

Ground Control Power Accessories

With the intent to release a series of power accessories to support all of our fixtures, we were able to present an effortless way to transpose standard desktops, panels, and other surfaces into high-end power management stations. The Ground Control Collection encapsulates a toggle switch, double USB port, power outlet, and two luxurious dimmers.

Cable Collars for Center-Mounting

Our THIN suspended fixtures are direct-mounted using slim aircraft cables and power cords. However, we wanted to provide a simple yet striking solution to further refine our fixtures’ orientations. Our Product Development team approached this upgrade by inventing cable collars for THIN linear suspensions and THIN Primaries.

Lower Wattage

One thing our team internally focused on is efficiency. From 8 watts, 24 in. segments will be 6 watts. On the other hand, 36 in. segments use 12.3 watts, but will be lowered to 9 watts. This upgrade allows more energy efficiency and more units to be powered by the same power supply without sacrifcing lumens. We are continuously trying to generate new lighting innovations to make all of our products among the most competent solutions in the industry.


THIN Suspension in Black Oxide

THIN Multiples Dyad Mordecai Chicago

Three Connected Segments of the THIN Multiple Dyad in Satin Brass

Power Supplies with Universal Capabilities

We provided two different power supplies for our US and international clients. Searching far and wide for a convenient innovation to cater to all locations, we replaced our separate power supplies to a single power supply that now offers universal capabilities for 120-277V settings. Discover the right voltage for your fixture using our voltage world map.

Juniper as a Lighting Solution

Juniper is a luxury lighting manufacturer in New York that provides a variety of lighting solutions to cater to all residential, hospitality, and commercial spaces. We offer all our of lighting innovations directly on our website for US and Canada locations. For overseas orders, please get in touch with our sales team or you can also check our retailers near you for convenience.

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