Staks Pancake Kitchen in Memphis Installs THIN Surface Mounts

GCD Interiors recently completed a project to revamp Staks Pancake House in Memphis, Tennessee. The interior was renovated to freshen the space and bring a clean aesthetic to the restaurant.

Photography by Sarah Rossi Bell, Selavie Photography

Prior to the renovation, the restaurant featured branded aqua blue walls and clean white accents. The floors were patterned black and white, and a large lighting installation brought focus to the center of the dining room.


GCD Interiors updated this eatery with neutral wood floors that are much more subdued and natural, shifting focus from the floor upward and bringing elegance and comfort to the space. Still continuing the restaurant’s blue and white signature interior, GCD deepened the wall color, and added rich brass accents for a bright contrast.


With brass linear frames on the wall aligned to each booth, a central THIN Surface Mount Display Light by Juniper splashes the wall with light. The Satin Brass finish matches the wall’s brass frame. With the addition of brass accents to the setting, Staks was quickly elevated to an elegant dining space with rich materials and deep colors. The space now offers a high-end brunch location that the quality of the food can already live up to.

The space opens to a large dining room, lined with matching blue booths and white tabletops. The bartop brightens the room with more white accents and extra diner bar seating. Guests can enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch, and desserts in this cheerful and comforting space that’s both recognizable and unforgettable.


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