Luxe Magazine New York Features Axis X Vertical Suspension

Luxe Magazine is a top authority in the architecture and design industry. Offering new designs, projects and industry news in curated areas of the country, as well as nationwide issues. Luxe New York recently featured our Axis X Vertical Suspension in their April 2019 issue.


The Axis X Vertical Suspension debuted in ICFF 2018 and was officially released in December of 2018. The Axis X Vertical Suspension is composed of four angle extrusions that, when combined, form a symmetrical cross with four channels of light. The linear solid bronze or wood body is suspended from a single mounting point, creating a long and elegant fixture.

The Axis X Vertical Suspension is the latest addition of the Axis Collection, originally debuted earlier in 2018. The Axis Collection explores the balance of form and light. The original collection, designed by Miren Lasnier at Juniper, draws inspiration from the extruded angles, channels, and tees that proliferated during the 19th-century railway boom and later with construction, buildings, and skyscrapers.

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