3 New Lighting Upgrades for Spring 2019

For Spring 2019, we’ve been busy preparing lighting upgrades to offer new capabilities for our lighting designs. With more efficient parts and new components, Juniper has now widened installation limits to include many new options. Discover our upgrades and how they improve our lighting’s capabilities.

1. New Local Canopies

We’ve redesigned our local canopies to not only be more minimal and thoughtfully designed, but we’ve added some new capabilities. Our new design includes a rotatable perforated collar. Available in Standard and Large sizes to complement standard-sized suspended lighting and larger pendants or chandeliers.

The perforated collar keeps the power supply inside cool, drawing heat away from the canopy and ultimately increasing its lifespan. Its rotatable feature benefits designs like the THIN Primaries that are center-mounted to the canopy. Users can now rotate the fixture to align to surrounding spaces and furniture as it’s installed. With a larger size now available to hold up to two 96W power supplies, virtually all suspended designs up to 177W, can be locally powered.

2. More Efficient LED’s

We’ve upgraded all of our LED’s to be even more efficient than before. We used to offer 78 lm/watt, which, by industry standards is very efficient. We now offer a 90 lm/watt LED standard for all of our THIN and Axis designs. Instead of adding brightness to our segments, we’ve kept our lumens the same and reduced the wattage per light segment. This results in our new light segments each dropping about 3W while maintaining the same brightness.

Essentially, this means more LEDs can fit on a single power supply. Users can now power up to 27 ft of a single light segment, compared to a previous 22 ft, on a 96W power supply. This increases energy efficiency, simplifies installation, and reduces the cost of extra power supplies.

3. Title 24 Certified

Juniper is now Title 24 Certified, which is a required electrical standard for California projects. It is used to discourage using CFL and incandescent lamping in new construction projects to promote a sustainable and energy efficient environment. In order to pass their standards, lighting is tested for low wattage, flickering, power-on speeds, and audible dimming.

With this certification, Juniper’s THIN and Axis Collection fixtures have been cleared for all California projects. Our Metropolis Collection is currently pending, but we expect that to change in the coming year. Having this certification ensures that they are held to the standards of Title 24 to offer low wattage LEDs that don’t flicker or emit sound when dimming. When users turn on Juniper lighting, the fixture immediately reaches its full brightness, instead of a CFL’s power-on speed, which turns on dim and slowly gets brighter over time.

Juniper’s Modern Lighting Upgrades

We offer lighting upgrades throughout the year as a way to improve our existing collections based on feedback from our clients. Often they begin as custom requests that we design, prototype, and create for a specific project. As we discover that these options solve problems for multiple users, we incorporate them into our standard product line to improve usability. If you have custom requests or need help with a project, please contact our team.

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