LightNOW Examines the THIN Solids Collection

LightNOW has been providing news and opinion to the lighting industry for nearly eight years. Craig DiLouie, a veteran industry journalist, had featured the new THIN Solids Collection in the popular lighting blog and newsletter platform to spread the news about our newest lighting addition.

Our THIN Solids Collection offers a group of lighting designs featuring configurations such as a Tetrahedron, Cube, and Diamond, to represent the Platonic Solids. Solid brass connectors join ½-inch diameter light tubes to create intricate and symmetrical three-dimensional shapes for impactful pendant installations or grand chandeliers using clusters of the THIN Solids.


The product of collaboration with industrial designer Peter Bristol (who daylights as head of industrial design at Facebook), the THIN System is based on simple and minimal lines that magnetically snap into place. Light segments freely rotate to customize illumination properties. 

The THIN System began with the THIN Task Lamp as a solution for adjustable task lighting in the most compact silhouette possible. With this technology, an entire system was born. From a single line, the collection expanded into prisms, geometric shapes, and now extends into the third dimension. Lengths can be customized, as well as many other features of the design, to accommodate hospitality, commercial, and residential spaces for unique installations.


The THIN light was the first incarnation and it has since taken on a life of its own. I don’t really feel ownership over it. It’s not my lamp, it’s not even Juniper’s anymore, it belongs to the people. Architects and designers can use it to do almost anything they want, it’s like a LEGO set for adults.

Peter Bristol

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