Say Collie Installs THIN Suspension

Say Collie, owned by couple Amy Row and Matthew Johnson, is all about experiencing the potential of a space. There’s always music playing, a lovely scent in the air, and tons of natural light to keep the studio bright and airy. They house a carefully curated collection of their absolute favorite artists and designers who they have met, befriended and worked with, and they blend their inspiring work with their own. Say Collie rotates a selection of Matthew’s fine art photography, Amy create vignettes with vintage and designer pieces, and they house gatherings for the community.

In many ways, Say Collie is an extension of Amy and Matthew’s home, particularly in that they hope to achieve a space which feels relaxing and comfortable to enter.

“When considering lighting for our main display wall, we were weary of anything that might fight against the muted tones of the studio. We’ve never wanted it to feel commercial, or too much like a store. As soon as we saw Juniper’s THIN Suspension lighting, we knew it was the solution. The design is so thoughtful and elegant, it lives in complete harmony with the space and the rest of our pieces.” – Amy Row, owner of Say Collie

THIN Suspension – Modular Architectural Lighting

Precision-machined in solid brass, the THIN Suspension offers a fully dimmable architectural lighting system in a reduced 1/2-inch profile. The THIN Suspension features magnetic interconnecting LED light segments for custom and infinite lengths.

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