Chioco Design Installs Juniper Lighting in E+E Fitness Center

Becky Brown, the founder of E + E Fitness, decided she would pursue her true passion: being active and playing. After graduating from MIT, building a successful technology company, and spending 25 years in finance and technology, she wanted to align her love for fitness and fun with her work, family & friends. Her decision to create a unique fitness studio came from a passion for fitness and community. E + E is all about creating a fun place where everyone is welcome and where the common bond is created from the love of being active. Their goal is to create a community both inside and outside the fitness studio that is based on the common love for movement, play, and human connection.

Photography by Leonid Furmansky

Chioco Design Installs Modern Lighting

Jamie Chioco of Chioco Design worked with E+E Fitness to design a modern fitness center. The design features Chioco’s signature medium-toned wooden slots to showcase a graphic E+E logo in its negative space beside the center’s front desk. Themes of concrete and warm wood tones, and white elements are used to promote a clean aesthetic without feeling cold. Its modern design is carried into the main center and into the locker rooms, where Juniper lighting is installed.


“Our client’s goal was to create a fitness environment that would foster a sense of community. We designed common spaces that encouraged gathering before and after classes that provided a sense of casual comfort through warm, natural materials, furnishings and lighting. We particularly liked the simplicity and function of Juniper THIN Surface Mount fixtures at the vanities in the locker rooms.”

Jamie Chioco, Chioco Design


Juniper’s THIN Surface Mount Vanity Lights are mounted above a large mirror and in between two adjacent mirrors. The THIN Surface Mount is an ultra-thin brass wall-mounted light fixture. The 1/2-inch profile dimmable LED light segments rotate and fit any mirror size with customizable standoffs and lengths.

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