5 Upcoming Lighting Trends for 2020

As a lighting manufacturer focused on advanced technology, precision-machining, and made-to-fit solutions, we’ve noticed a few lighting trends that have been gaining popularity recently.

1. Lighting Finishes

To start, new finishes have gained some momentum. Although brass is always a popular standard, we’ve noticed a rise in matte black, satin nickel, and polished finishes. Trends seem to be pushing more toward neutral tones to blend with a space’s design in a finish that shows the fixture’s quality. With changing finish trends, it’s helpful to be hands-on with the manufacturing process to adjust our finishes to the requests of our clients.

2. Lighting Shapes

Geometric shapes also seem to become a rising lighting trend. Designers and architects have gravitated toward creating shapes with light to bring a central focus to a space as a way to give a unique area of interest to the design. We’ve seen our THIN Primaries Collection used over countertops, dining spaces, and lighting installations in lobby areas.

Juniper Custom Lighting in Proxi Chicago Restaurant Leather Booths

3. Custom Light Fixtures

More and more, clients have requests for custom lighting solutions to create special design elements particularly in hospitality spaces when designers want to bring a unique personality to the space. Our engineers have designed more made-to-fit pieces for clients recently as a solution to install something completely unique.

Metropolis Wall to Wall Lighting Collection in Aged Brass with Black Trims, Modern Office Lighting

4. Modern Office Design

Fixtures that resolve existing conditions have also been on the rise, particularly in office spaces as a direct reflection of the modern workplace leaning more toward hospitality design aesthetics. As designers and architects bring in a new level of comfort and warmth to new office space designs, cold fluorescents are being replaced by wellness-focused and environmentally-friendly LED solutions. Our Metropolis Wall to Wall System has grown in popularity as clients recognize its thoughtfully-designed elements with high-output modules and custom mounting options to work with existing conditions. The system is made to fit a space’s dimensions while producing enough light output for efficient office lighting.

5. Wireless Dimming

On the technology side of lighting, Juniper has seen more requests for wireless dimming capabilities in residential spaces specifically. This is pretty common in commercial spaces to power all fixtures together easily at a larger scale, but homeowners have caught onto the convenience of pairing their lighting with wireless remotes, phones, tablets, smart home devices, and voice-activated assistants.

Juniper works with architects and designers to support these lighting trends and rising requests through flexible lighting systems that can easily adjust to the evolving market. For help with your next lighting project, please contact us.

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