THIN Contemporary Lighting System Installed in Autocamp

AutoCamp takes “glamping” to a new level with luxury ammenities, modern appliances, and deluxe lodging in a simple and down-to-earth experience in three locations.

AutoCamp is a new type of outdoor lodging experience that’s unlike any other. Featuring modern and luxurious Airstream accommodations at our unique properties in California, AutoCamp is inspired by the wanderlust of camping and the great American road trip.


AutoCamp’s Yosemite location features a common clubhouse for guests to congregate. Surrounded by rich wood, concrete, and subtle black hardware is Juniper’s contemporary lighting system. AutoCamp installed the THIN Multiples Dyad Vertical with 2 connected sections in Black Oxide finish to complement natural and industrial tones.


Nearby, the THIN Surface Mount Picture Light adorns large-format wall art to warm the space. The fixtures become a perfect minimalistic modern element to blend modern furniture and architecture to rustic camping lifestyles.

THIN Modular Lighting System

Due to their magnetic connection, the THIN System‘s light segments are not hard-wired into the fixture, providing the freedom to rotate segments a full 360° after installation. This is ideal for adjusting direct and indirect lighting. THIN System hardware offers flexibility to continue lighting at extendable lengths. Endlessly connect segment upon segment for bordering rooms, hallways, and countertops.

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