FAQ: What is the Maximum Length of the THIN System?

Many clients ask the limits of the THIN System for custom projects. For many cases, longer runs of THIN Suspensions, THIN Multiples and custom shapes are used to bring dramatic design in a minimal silhouette to a space’s design.

The THIN System is essentially limitless in that sections can be added to elongate fixtures at run any incremental length of 24 IN or 36 IN segments. Users can also request custom-cut segments for shorter lengths.


To power the system limitlessly, power cords would be dropped every few sections of your fixture. With remote power supplies, this has a simple solution of locating all of your power supplies (if you exceed 96W) in an accessible closet or wall panel within 50 feet from the fixture. The ceiling’s footprint is minimal and reduced as much as possible.

For local power supplies, users would install junction boxes over the locations of the fixture where power would need to be added for the continuous run. Fixtures can be powered from one end, both ends, or in the middle of the fixture to accomodate existing junction box locations depending on the fixture’s length. For local setups, we offer ceiling canopies large enough to hold 60W and 96W power supplies.

These application requirements apply to the entire THIN System, including THIN Multiples, THIN Suspensions, THIN Surface Mounts, and custom shapes made with THIN light segments and hardware.


For help with custom lengths, long runs, or unique shapes, please contact our team of specialists who can provide made-to-fit solutions for unique spaces.

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