Getaway Brooklyn Features THIN Suspension in Alcohol-Free Bar

Getaway, located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, offers alcohol-free drinks for those who prefer the 0% ABV lifestyle. They offer interesting and delicious drinks in a comfortable experience without alcohol because they believe everyone should consume what works best for their personal lifestyle. Their mocktails include exotic flavor profiles for mature palates to stand on their own without liquor.


Upon entering, guests are greeted by a long white marble bar with pastel stools. Various ingredients and intricate bottles reside behind the bar, mimicing a wet bar, however these ingredients are used for alcohol-free creative concoctions. In the windowfront, visitors can relax in long bench seating and small tables for an intimate setting.


C. Wall Architecture designed the millenial-driven space for a youthful and fresh feel. Both seating areas are adorned with Juniper’s THIN Suspension lighting fixtures that offer linear, minimal design to the refined and delicate interior. Precision-machined in solid brass, the THIN Suspension is a fully dimmable architectural lighting system that features interconnecting LED light segments for custom and infinite lengths. Getaway has created designs with three and four connected segments for a long line of warm light for their space.


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