Lewis Birks Modern Bedroom Design Featured in Houzz

Houzz is a popular home decor and design hub for the latest news in the design industry. On top of featuring news, projects, and products to purchase on the spot, Houzz has recently done a roundup of their most popular projects, including their top modern bedroom designs.


Photo by Bernardo Pozas Residential Design


Photo by Mary Hannah Interiors

In a list of their 10 most popular modern bedrooms, projects from Niche Interiors, Fautt Homes, Casework, Mary Hannah Interiors, and others were featured, each portraying a serene bedroom design which voiced its own personality. Soothing tones and textures were used in all of these top modern bedroom designs to land a place on this list, however one stood out above the rest. Anne Brewer of Lewis Birks designed a project that utilizes Juniper’s very own Wall-Mounted THIN Task Lamp, placed #1 as the single most popular bedroom on Houzz since July. With its simply lines, cool tones, and clean design, the Brooklyn home showcased Houzz’s most saved bedroom image.

Lewis Birks - THIN Task Lamp Wall Mount - Photo by Seth Caplan, Modern Bedroom Design

Photo by Seth Caplan

The simple bed frame is covered in a mid-tone grey blanket to match the upholstered headboard, accompanied by clean white sheets and a textured accent pillow. The plush slate blue carpet compliments the cool grey and white tones in the space, accented by black wall lamps by Juniper.


The Wall-Mount THIN Task Lamp features an onboard dimming knob at the tip of the fixture to power and dim the task light. The solid brass body, finished in Black Oxide, offers a hinge to collapse or expand the lamp and aim light where it’s needed.

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