THIN Task Wall-Mounted Bedside Lamp in Brooklyn Home

Designed by Anne Brewer of Lewis Birks, this modern 1,000-square-foot apartment in Brooklyn, New York is an exercise in refined modern character. Drenched in natural light, white walls reflect clean weightless aesthetics, while light wood tones through custom-made additions bring in warmth and ground the design to a functional residential space. The apartment is owned by an art, sculpture, and photography collector, with his worldwide travel finds displayed proudly around the home.

Custom cabinetry and furniture were created to fit the specific dimensions of the home, while providing ample storage for functional use. The open floor plan includes a living room, kitchen, dining space, and bedroom separated by a white oak doorway with concealable pocket doors for a cleaner concept.

Lewis Birks - THIN Task Lamp Wall Mount - Photo by Seth Caplan, Modern Bedroom Design

Photos by Seth Caplan

The bedroom, featured #1 as Houzz’s top 10 modern bedrooms in 2019, mirrors the rest of the home’s clean design and modern palette. With a grey upholstered headboard and matching blanket, accented by white, grey, and black tones, the bed rests on a slate blue carpet to round out the color palette.


Each side of the bed is adorned with a Juniper wall-mounted bedside lamp in Black Oxide finish for an adjustable reading lamp. The THIN Task Lamp uniquely features an onboard knob to power and dim the fixture. The adjustable hinge enables users to expand and contract the lamp’s body to aim light where it’s needed, or store away when out of use. See more photos on Houzz.

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