FAQ: Where Can I See My Color Temperature Options?

With today’s latest LED technology, designers are able to choose a fixture’s color temperature. This determines the hue of the light cast from the fixture, ranging from amber to blue on the Kelvin scale. Lower numbers (ex. 2700K) will lean toward an amber glow found in candlelight, whereas higher numbers (ex. 4000K) will become more blue, resembling daylight.

Depending on your type of space, the color temperature of your lighting can convey warmth and comfort, or functionality and productivity.


Generally, intimate spaces like dining areas and living rooms lend themselves to warmer color temperatures (ex. 2700K-3000K), while office spaces, kitchens, and bathrooms are a bit cooler (ex. 3000K-4000K) to give the feeling of cleanliness and activity.


For a happy medium, we recommend 3000K, which tends to work well in most environments. If you have other light fixtures in a space, be sure to match all of your color temperatures to create a cohesive mood. For color temperature suggests by type of space, check out this article.


To help our users decide what’s best for their design, we’ve created this color temperature comparison, where users can see color temperatures side-by-side. For color temperature requests outside of this range, or if you’d like our team’s input on your project, please contact us.

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